Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day Seven: Raleigh's Farmer's Market + Remedy Diner + Dinner

Quick entry before I head to bed. Today was adorable. Chiv and I drove out to Raleigh to go to the Farmer's Market with our friends Allison Gee and Kristal.

Chiv, Allison Gee, and Kristal

We bought so many apples. Our favorite was the Mutsu, which was almost as big as our faces. We also enjoyed their names: King Luscious, Candy Crisp, and Ginger Gold.

Allison Gee talked me into buying two heads of butter lettuce. It tastes so good, I could eat it raw and whole, without anything else.

After the farmer's market, we all went to The Remedy Diner in Raleigh. Remedy is one of the first really vegan friendly restaurants I've been to in the Triangle. Most of their food is vegetarian, and most of their vegetarian food can be made vegan. They were also the first place in all of North Carolina to get Daiya cheese. My absolute favorite thing is their Philly Fakesteak. Chiv and I split this.

 Then we looked at used books for awhile and went to Foundation for the most perfect Old Fashioneds ever.

When Chiv and I got home later, we decided to have something comforting and terrible for us for dinner. I sautéed some honeycrisp apples, sliced bananas, and Daiya and put it on top of rosemary sourdough bread. Healthy? Not really. Delicious? Yes!

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