Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day Fourteen: Olive and Mochi.

So, I missed a week of MoFoing due to work being absolutely exhausting. I am back on the horse, though. And to make it up to you, here is a picture of our new puppy, Olive:

We adopted her about a month ago. She's a rescue dog; someone found her in a field and turned her in to the pound. She has what I think is a breeder tattoo on her belly. I imagine her escaping some godforsaken puppy mill and roughing it by her lonesome until the day we picked her up and spoiled her rotten with cuddles, soft pillows, and a seemingly endless supply of sweet potato chews. This dog will cuddle against you like nobody's business.

In vegan food news: Chiv found vegan mochi at Trader Joe's today. I haven't had mochi in years. They come in a six pack of three flavors: coconut, mango, and chocolate. All of the milk used is coconut's milk. And they're pretty. I approve.

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celyn said...

Little adorable olive! Thank you for taking care of her. <3 The mochi look yummy!