Friday, October 7, 2011

Day Seven: Daydreaming about savory pumpkin tarts

Tomorrow, I think, I am making a savory pumpkin tart. Chiv had one at the Carrboro farmer's market a year or two ago, and every time I talk about making pumpkin-flavored anything, he asks me if I can recreate this dream tart. The problem is, though, that I've never had one; the tart he ate wasn't vegan, so I didn't try it. He doesn't remember what was in it, or what exactly it tasted like. I've just begun to look up different recipes to compare and contrast, and it seems like no two are alike. Tonight I am still playing catch-up from my day at the office, so I'm still kind of beat and boring, but I'm going to take a quick break, go grab a cocktail with the mister, and come home and try to come up with a plan. Recipe tomorrow. Wish me luck! Happy MoFoing! xoxo Jenni

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