Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day Three: A Short Survey

It's 11:03pm. I had a very long day, and I'm feeling kind of like curling up in bed with the boyfriend and our puppies instead of finishing the post I'm going to write about Durham's Bull City Vegan Challenge. I promised myself that I would update every day, though, so... a survey it is! I will finish my other post tomorrow.

This short survey comes from a post on the Post Punk Kitchen Forum.

What's your favorite spice or spice blend?
I am a gigantic spice nerd and have filled an entire drawer in my kitchen full of spices. I put that fresh-ground lemon pepper from Trader Joe's on everything, but I am also pretty fond of Hungarian paprika, cardamom, cloves, and ginger.

You have $20 to spend on fresh groceries and produce for the whole week (with a fairly well stocked pantry of dry goods, legumes, grains, and spices). What do you buy?
Spinach, kale, cucumbers, red bell peppers, honeycrisp apples, bananas, red grapes, mushrooms, vidalia onions, olives, tofu, almond milk, crunchy peanut butter.

What's your favorite way to make tofu?
Extra firm, pressed forever so that most of the water is out -- then sliced in really thin little triangles, rubbed with a little olive oil and curry paste, and baked until crispy.

Vegan guilty pleasure?
Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream. Especially chocolate peanut butter swirl. I only eat it every few months, though.

If you could make anyone vegan, who would it be?
I've never thought about this. I sometimes think that it would be cute if Chiv was vegan, but... he doesn't have to be? I do most of the cooking at home, and he loves everything that I make, tells doubtful omnivores that seitan is fantastic, and he religiously checks labels for me when he goes grocery shopping. I might get a reduction in my vegan points for saying this, but I don't really mind if he eats a cheeseburger twice a month.

If you could only read one other vegan blog, what would it be?
I really like Alien's Day Out.

Were you always interested in cooking, or did veganism change the way you saw and interacted with food?
I definitely started cooking more, and collecting recipes, once I went vegan. I did a bunch of baking pre-veganism, and knew some Italian dinner recipes from my dad, but... going vegan really got me excited about cooking for myself and other people. I'm not a very aggressive vegan. I'm not trying to recruit anyone. I like making delicious things from scratch, feeding them to omnivores, and reminding people that vegan food doesn't taste like whole wheat flour mixed with fermented soy beans. I like being able to cook anything. I never really thought about it before -- I didn't have to be able to cook, I could just go to a restaurant and get it. You can't always do that as a vegan. Vegan cooking can sometimes be a really fun treasure hunt and science experiment.

What is the one vegan staple that everyone seems to love, but you can't get behind?
I'm trying harder to like tempeh.

What would you like to veganize, but haven't yet?
French macarons.

Favorite kitchen utensil/appliance?
My stand mixer makes me feel fancy, but I love my blender.

What question about being vegan do you HATE answering?
"What can you eat? What's left?"
"Where do you get your protein from?"
"What about yeast?"

All right, kids. Bed time. Tomorrow will be better. <3


MeShell said...

aw, the part about your boyfriend is cute. :)

I feel the same way about tempeh. I'm working on liking it. It's taking some time, but I'm getting there (especially when it's fried....) said...

It took me over four years of being vegan before I managed to like tempeh, it was the tempeh bacon from vegan brunch that eventually did it!

Jenni Unicorn said...

Thanks for the comments!

I think that I will try to make the Vegan Brunch tempeh tonight... if there's liquid smoke involved and the edges are crispy, tempeh can be pretty lovely.