Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day One

Oh gosh. I am so sleepy, guys. It isn't even 11pm and I'm about to crawl into bed. For my first day of Veganmofo, I had envisioned making some beautiful pie or making a really delicious-sounding sandwich or whipping up a batch of something awesome. Instead, I worked all day, came home and shot some zombies, then ran out to Whole Foods and spent an embarrassing amount of money on food that I've been meaning to buy but never really had the extra cash for (Chocolate extract, anyone? Agar agar?). Some ladies go out and buy shoes and handbags, and some ladies go out and buy jars of Spanish saffron and coconut milk kefir.

Um! Tomorrow I am going to clean out my cupboards and write about what usually hangs out in my kitchen, I think. On Saturday, I'm going to Carrboro's farmers' market and then I'm making empanadas with my friends Efrain and Troy. Please stay tuned for photographs of me and two adorable boys all dolled up in handmaid aprons and covered in flour.


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