Monday, October 5, 2009

Day Five

I think that October is secretly vegan surprise month. Last week, for the first time ever in my entire life, I stumbled upon vegan marshmallows in the grocery store. They were fresh out of vanilla, but they had toasted coconut, cinnamon pecan, and strawberry (as well as some chocolate-covered marshmallow-y treats). I opted for strawberry, and man oh man. I wanted to put them on my nose, melt them into desserts, cover them in chocolate and sprinkles, swim in a pool full of them. ... Where was I? OH YES. Vegan surprise month. Also I found out that this adorable bar in Durham does a vegan brunch the first Sunday of the month, and THEN, on Sunday, I went to a Brixx Pizza with Chiv thinking that I'd just get a salad or some pasta while he ate a pizza, and was greeted by this:

Number one: vegan cheese. Number two: vegan cheese that doesn't cost anything extra. Amazing! Their pizzas are fresh and light and not too shabby. It was also pretty yummy cold the next day.


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